Paintings and Awards

Jeanne's Signature Night! "Cantina opens for lunch" September 21, 2013 Southwestern Watercolor Society Jeanne's Signature Night
The award for her "Garden of Venus" painting Jeanne standing by trailer
"The Peasant Lady" from her photograph in San Miguel Mexico Peasant Lady SM Old Lady
Another splendid workshop Color Pots
Her Southwest Watercolor Society painting titled "Color Pots" Color Pots
This painting is titled "White Lilies" White Lilies
Her "Crying angel" hanging in an art gallery in Denison Crying Angel in Denison Crying Angel
The paintout crowd in 2011" Jeanne's Signature Night
"Moving Art 1" her pink boxcar Pink boxcar
At work in San Miguel At work in San Miguel
Her ole yeller boxcar Yellow boxcar
"Nap Time" in San Miguel Nap Time in San Miguel
Mary, Marie, and Jeanne during an Austin Street Artists' supper at Jeanne's Mary, Marie, and Jeanne
Nancy, Nancy, Jan, June, and Jo during supper in '02 - Jeanne's picture Five girls at suppper
"Heard any good gossip?' - 1997 Heard any good gossip?
Big paint out supper in Fredericksburg Big paint out supper
Jo and Jeanne on paint out in Oklahoma Jo and Jeanne in Oklahoma
The "Kid in the Hat" is grandson Grady and this won Best of the Show in 1997 Kid in the Hat pix Kid in the Hat note
Jeanne in front of her wall at the 1998 North Texas Area Art League under "Mission Inn" - Best of Show! Jeanne and staircase BEST OF SHOW!
A Southwest flight attendant leaving and coming home from a trip Flight attendant going on a trip Flight attendant coming home
She took this picture of her "Thank You" painting hanging in her reading room Jeanne's rocker in her reading room
Another of Jeanne's pictures on a trip turning into a painting Picking painting Picking picture
Pink pig pots painting Pink pig pots painting
Jeanne's rendering "Santa Fe Gypsies" Santa Fe Gypsies
Looks like some Bible study while her little Homie is resting Jeanne and Homie in reading room
At the wall in Israel with Denton Bible Church in 2007 Standing by Israel wall
At the wall in Israel - her painting "Here they come." Here they come
Picture of the hanging tree in Israel Hanging tree in Israel
Picture of one of her favorite spots by the olive tree in the garden Fig tree in Israel
"Thursday at the wall" Thursday at the wall
The Elliott in her name came out in her last trip in 2012 Jeanne in Scotland
A family photo with our artist to share this Web site for Jeanne End of show pix of family
End of show