Once no Jordan Peterson

Gulag America

Hour Spirit Eternity

Dollop of Fourth Gospel

Sixty Hours of Easter

Mapping Peterson's Maps

Notes on Bat*21

The Florida Blueprint


Sharpe Notes

SIG Brass

Red Chair Movie

At the foot of the cross

The Last Beatitude

Sidney Secular

Three in a hole

Jesus Journeys in John

A look at L.O.O.P.

Yogi - 10 Rings


Thanking the folks at "Minnesota FLYER" - especially Jeff Andres the publisher - I am able to show an article by Jim Hanson who was another VP with me on the ABRAHAM LINCOLN CVN-72 back in January of 2008. This article with pictures holds together the unique experience of being on an air craft carrier - we were fortunate to spend some time on the flight deck. I hope you enjoy these colorful and well written pages from the magazine!

There is a choice in this folder of Jorden Peterson, some new brass, Alexia, and "Standing at the foot of the cross."

For the most profound statement since H.G. Wells'"Mind at the End of Its Tether" read Sidney Secular's essay.

If you like baseball you will like Yogi's 10 rings.

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