Once no Jordan Peterson

Gulag America

Hour Spirit Eternity

Dollop of Fourth Gospel

Sixty Hours of Easter

Mapping Peterson's Maps

Notes on Bat*21

The Florida Blueprint


Sharpe Notes

SIG Brass

Red Chair Movie

At the foot of the cross

The Last Beatitude


Thanking the folks at "Minnesota FLYER" - especially Jeff Andres the publisher - I am able to show an article by Jim Hanson who was another VP with me on the ABRAHAM LINCOLN CVN-72 back in January of 2008. This article with pictures holds together the unique experience of being on an air craft carrier - we were fortunate to spend some time on the flight deck. I hope you enjoy these colorful and well written pages from the magazine!

There is a choice in this folder of Jorden Peterson, some new brass, Alexia, and "Standing at the foot of the cross."

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